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Our Journey


Our founder’s main aim and goal has always been about uplifting the standards and awareness in the health and wellness sector and having properly trained therapist in the spas. Since Barbados features a tourism market, tourists and visitors will come looking for services of a high quality similar to that which they have come to expect from their home environments and the key is to match or surpass expectations of quality delivered.

The Seed

The seed for this dream was planted when a son shared a book with his mother entitled “The Power of Touch”. On this day of fate, unbeknownst to either party, this was the planting of the seed of destiny for this journey upon which this dedicated, focused, determined, individual was to embark. On this cross-road day, Patricia Berry was on the path to furthering her legal career by pursuing a doctorate - something she never did get around to starting. She had her Master’s in human relations, and was about to do her PhD and had received two offers from two universities. However due to this intervention of love, through the sharing of this book, fate presented an opening for her to take another path.

What captured her interest in this book was the affirmation that “touch is a form of communication on the most basic level” and the illustrations of how “touch can improve relationships of all kinds, help heal the body, and open one's heart to a deeper love”.

After reading this pivotal book, instead of going to do her PhD, she went off to start training in therapy. After marrying a Barbadian and coming to live in Barbados, Berry-Greenidge, who was born in Nevis and grew up in England, became the consultant of a spa where her experience and training sparked an interest among those she supervised. They often asked her to show them how to do the work as they realized her ethics, knowledge and application to work was one that they wanted to reproduce. Her principles and legal mind led her to apply for accreditation to actually teach as she wanted to go about teaching others legally and be able to give them legitimacy as practitioners. Being the forward thinker that Berry-Greenidge is, she wanted her students to have opportunities to work anywhere in the world and this influenced her decision to have Personal Body Health Care as an accredited school part of the International Therapy Examination Council and International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, making it the first ITEC accredited School in the Caribbean. ITEC’s diplomas are widely considered to be the highest professional standing which would enable graduates to work worldwide.

The Sapling Became A Tree

In 2007 the school opened its doors to the first set of eager minds interested in Holistic Massage, and before arriving at this milestone beginning, she took a while to get going as she wanted to ensure all documentation, permissions, accreditations, registration, facilities, teaching skills and ambience for teaching were in place. When Patricia started along the path of educating fertile holistic minds, she began with one group and since this time, the groups have grown from strength to strength. Over the decade PBHC is proud to have taught over 300 students locally and regionally.

For 1 year Holistic Massage was the primary course. In the years that followed (2010 to 2013), many more courses and workshops were added onto the teaching curriculum, – Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sports, Indian head massage, Aromatic Indian head massage, Geothermal stone therapy, Reiki and Spa training.


Patricia has always sought partnerships with other skilled practitioners, in order to give students the best education and in order to maintain opportunities for continued development and offer students all the possible opportunities for learning, consultants/professionals in their fields, have been brought in to conduct workshops.

In 2011, the “Bamboo-Fusion Therapy course and Introduction to Body Detox” was facilitated by Carol Curtis-Phillip. Here was an example of Patricia facilitating the development of teaching skills for an ITEC Lecturer in-training at that time. At the end of this class, it was secured in all our minds that Bamboo had therapeutic massage usages and it was not only for support against land slippage and picking the neighbor’s fruit.

In 2011, therapists were offered an “Introduction to Crystal Healing” conducted by Jenny Pierce. This was an unforgettable adventure for all, as we became aware of the untapped power contained in earth’s treasured gems and crystals and the healing they delivered. Every participant walked away believing in the therapeutic properties held in the crystals used and the understanding that the set they possessed for personal use, were specific for their individual healing. In 2012 and 2016, Christine Clinton (an Overseas Internationally Certified Lecturer and examiner) facilitated workshops in “Medical Massage for the Cancer client” and “Touch Therapy for Cancer Care”. For all involved in this workshop, this was an experience in appreciation for life and the inner strength found in the human fighting spirit.

Yearly Progression

As the years have progressed, more classes have been added onto the curriculum and more tutors introduced to develop the pool of specialties. We are now a faculty of one full time person and six part-time persons along with one part-time admin personnel and one auxiliary worker. The staff of lecturers being Dr. Dan Nuet (Senior lecturer), Sherie McGeary, Roxanne Sitahal, Jeffrey Gay Jnr, Rhea Evans (lecturers). PBHC is now considered a top school worldwide due to our ability to offer international qualifications and our reputation with high standards and students’ high passing grades. We have a competitive edge in the Caribbean due to these factors.

Since 2010, PBHC has been the recipient of grants to help students afford pursuits of holistic goals.

For the early years, we wish to thank Mr. King (the Manager of ETF (Employment Training Fund) for funding students pursuing Holistic Massage Therapy Level 3.

Over the last 3 years, the schools partnership with BCSI has facilitated funding for several of the international certifications. These include: (1) Fast Track Holistic Massage Programmes – through ETF funding to train 10 students each time. (2) cycles for the Inter-American Development Bank Competency-Based Training Fund – to train 60 persons over the two year period in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Sports. This grant fund formed part of the IABD “Skills for the Future Program”. We would like to thank the following members of BSCI for their unfailing support over the years and we envision the partnership will continue. Ms. Meisha Clarke (former project coordinator). Ms Lisa Cummings (former executive director) and now Mr. Graham Clarke (Executive Director).

For the first time since establishing our beauty department four years ago, the school was able to obtain funding for the skin care program through the Employment Training Fund. We are grateful for the opportunity afforded to both the school and students as students received a reduction in fees.

We would like to also thank members of our other numerous organisations for their support over the years • TVET - Mr. Eastmond (Executive Director TVET) - Akil Thompson (Technical Officer for Centre) - Ms. Maxine Thomas (External verifier – EV to Centre) - Carol-Ann Burke (Business Development Officer) • BIDC for allowing the school to participate in the Global Summit • Barbados Accreditation Council - Sharon Alleyne (Quality Assurance Officer) - Valda Alleyne (Executive Director).


PBHC is reviewed by International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC), The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and the BAC to retain international accreditation and national registration, on a yearly basis. This process includes a review of academic records, pass rates, qualifications of the teaching staff and site visits to verify the requirements and availability of equipment and trained personnel. These reviews assist our school to continue to improve our services as comprehensively and efficiently as possible.


Over the last 7 years, PBHC has been very diligent in helping to uplift the spa standards across the Caribbean, inclusive of Barbados. In 2009 and 2010 Patricia was in Jamaica attending a conference and meetings to establish training. In 2013, due to the marketing and demand of other islands, Patricia went into Dominica where she had 9 students graduate in Holistic Massage with Anatomy & Physiology. The completion of such a training program was a milestone for the health and wellness industry in Dominica and enabled local students to gain an international certification in the valuable skill of massage therapy. PBHC has conducted training in other Caribbean islands over the last four years due to the Schools partnership with BSCI who did funding for several of the international certifications. projects o In 2014, with the help of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA), funding was amassed to cover the expense for students to be trained in Belize, Dominica, and Jamaica in the Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage. This project conceptualized by PBHC School Inc., Barbados and the Barbados Coalition of service Industries Inc. was part of the vision of the CART Fund Health & Wellness Project that sought to equip countries within CARIFORUM with the competencies and standards to create products of excellence in the wellness sector. Out of this six-month, course of study, over 25 students in the Caribbean received the ITEC qualification. A first in ITEC history was achieved on March 14, 2015, by the first graduating class of PBHC Jamaica wherein all ten graduates, completing the programme, received distinctions in their practical Holistic Massage exams from the International Therapy Education Council. In 2015 PBHC conducted training in St. Kitts in Reflexology. Over the decade, the school has participated in many regional and international trade fairs and summits in the Health & Wellness industry, including World Travel Market. The most recent being the Global Wellness Summit which was held in New Mexico City in November 2015. This is an invitation-only Summit for leaders and visionaries within the health and wellness industry.


In December of 2015 the dream of a satellite ITEC-PBHC school in the Caribbean was realized in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This school will act as the hub for the international training for the northern Caribbean islands.